A Story Of The Donkey That Fell Down The Hole

I received this story in my email inbox this morning from CrossingTheGoal. I found it quite interesting and I feel it applies to everyone whatever you may be going through right now. Read it, it might apply to you too.

“Once there was a donkey that fell in to an old empty well. The farmer, who owns the donkey, looked at the beast and tried to figure how to get it out of there. Having thought of nothing to get the donkey out of the well, he decided to simply bury his donkey alive!

So the farmer called his neighbors to shovel dirt into the well. At first the donkey got frightened and panicked. After some time the beast realized that if he shakes the dirt of his back, the ground under him gets higher. He continued to shake the dirt off and step up until the well was full. I will leave to your imagination what the donkey did to the farmer and his neighbourrs when he got out of the well.

Many times we feel life is throwing dirt at us. Problems seem to hit us at all directions. Even when you feel everything is OK, suddenly dirt smacks you in the face. Sometimes you can even feel the bitterness of the dirt!

There are others who not only feel that dirt is being thrown at them, but feel that they are being buried alive. Their problems seem pile to up from one to the next, until their problems are bigger than they are. They feel like all the world’s trash is being poured out on to them.”

But we can use this dirt. We can use life’s problems and troubles to produce strength, wisdom, perseverance, patience and other virtues in us that will help us succeed in life. The dirt thrown at you can be use to increase your stature, your being.

We should imitate the donkey. Instead of giving up and letting himself be buried, he shook the dirt of off him. We too should learn to shake our problems and step on it. And like the donkey we will get out of the hole we are in.

St. Thomas Aquinas describes wisdom as the view from the hill top. We can raise our hilltops with whatever life gives or throws at us. The good, bad and even the most painful experiences can be an opportunity for us to grow in wisdom and virtues.

With much dirt under your feet, you have a better view in life. And you will see that the view is awesome up there!

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